Price in EUR: 15’000

Built December 2015

Wing bars 2.3

Lowered maststep 2.3

Front Vertical 2.3

Front Horizontal, small 2.3

Rear Vertical 2.3

Rear Horizontal, medium 2.3

Rear Horizontal, small 2.3

Carbon Center Cleatplate with Vang, Downhaul, Gearing, Wand Bungy

Continous Vang 48:1

Continous Downhaul 12:1

Shock sailing Bowsprit with telescopic wand, working perfectly

Custom ride height adjuster with minimal play

Gearing adjuster on top of the main foil

All Control rod linkages with 4mm pins to minimize play

Lennon always up toe straps

Hydranet Aero tramps M2.4

Sail KA 16.3, good for training

Medium Mach 2 mast with Carbon Gooseneck

Kinked Boom CST

Cockpit floor professionally reinforced

Dyeform Forestay and Shrouds

Located in Switzerland


Large Rocket Mainfoil, horizontal + vertical, very good light wind foil: 1600 EUR

Spare Front Horizontal, small 2.3, lightly used: 600 EUR

Lennon A5M, Excellent condition: 1000 EUR

Fiberglass travel box: 600 EUR