Selling my Mach 2.2, in very good condition. I sailed the boat for 3 years. The boat is located on Lake Constance and was sailed by me only in fresh water. The boat has a very good flight Performance and an optimal lift-off response thanks to the new 2.3 BowMech. Therefore, it’s also very well suited for good dinghy sailors who want to enter the class.

  • Sails: Ka MSL 16.3 (photos) and MSL 10
  • Mainfoil: Vertical 2.0 with standard Mach 2 Horizontal in very good condition
  • Rudder Foils: Mach2 Standard Rudder Foil
  • Optional: Long Renker Vertical with Renker Horizontal in perfect condition (new in 2018)
  • Mast: CST High Modulus medium
  • Boom: CST oval with titanium pin
  • Mach2.2 Ride hight Adjuster
  • Adjustable wand
  • Dyneema SK99 Rigging (steel shrouds still available)
  • Mach2.3 Bow Mechanism (new in 2018)
  • North Sails hiking straps
  • Cover, Foil bags and Trolley
  • Other accessories (Box, Rudder V., Rudder H.,…) or replacement material optional available

Boat is located in Radolfzell, Lake Constance, Southern Germany
Price basis 10.800 EUR