Mach 2.0 Moth GBR3749

Standard Mach 2.0 Horizontal.

Mach 2.0 early lift horizontal.

Standard Mach 2.0 Rudder.

Rocket Rudder Horizontal.

Shortened Mach 2 mast with shock gooseneck (5100)

CST Kinked Boom.

3Di North Vi7.

Red KA sail.

Blue KA sail that has been cut down a little.

Brand new set of trampolines fitted. (White)

Exocet prodder.

New tiller extension.

Sk99 Shrouds.

Trailer also available.

Open to negotiation on price.

Its been an excellent introduction to moths for me and has proved very robust. I’m only selling it as I’ve now purchased another newer boat.