Mach 2.2 Moth built October 2013 in great condition.

Originally set up by Bora Gulari and George Peet.

Standard wide front hydrofoil

New anhedral medium rudder

MSL16.1 sail w/ flexible mast

Mach2.2 ride height adjuster kit

Mach2.2 Adjustable wand upgrade

Mach2.2 Adjustable wand rope kit

Mach2.2 Bow Mech upgradeMach2.2 Gearing adjuster rope kit

Mach2.2 Extra stiff boom upgrade

Mast bagBoom bagSpreader/Stay bag

Fiberglass travel box

Includes cutdown centerboard and rudder for low-riding in shallow water

Small nick on trailing edge of font foil. Tiller extension has been repaired.