For Sale: Rocket SSD (solid wing) with Exocet foils GBR 4548

Carefully engineered to be a very durable, simple, tidy and easy to rig competitive boat combining Rocket SSD low COE and aero with ultimate control in waves through Excoet foils and matching “push” control system.

Ready to rig and race.

2x Exocet main foils:

                1x standard small

                1x fixed tip large

1x Exocet rudder with Ti bulb so you can change foils with ease

Lennon A3.5 DS  Deck Sweeper sail (Dylan Fletcher)

CST  DS4 Mast

C-Tech Boom

Reinforced King post

4th Europeans 2018

5th Foiling week 2018

Built for 2018 season and garage stored ever since apart from 2 days of moth nationals in 2019 where it still proved itself to be an ultra competitive set up including a race win. The boat would suit a competitive sailor looking to get into Moths.

+44 (0)7776 172810