Int. Moth Thinnair ISAF No. 4664, White Formula building year, 2019.The boat is ready to sail and has been sailed less. I will continue with the stiffer platform of my Bieker.CST carbon mast, TV 0.5, BV 1.1CCST boomSpreader + two additional titanium spreaders, for improved bending curvesNorth Sail Vi-9DSXBowspritVertical with small horizontal (955mm) new (unused)Vertical, high lift horizontal (1122mm) Vertical new (unused)Horizontal small (955mm)Large, high lift horizontal (1122mm) new (unused)Anhedral rudder, small horizontal (610 mm) and optimized adjustment new (unused)Tramps in blackTramps in black new (unused)Lennon coverAero carbon fairingsSlip trolleyThinnair transport boxLocation of boat, near Frankfurt, Germany. For details, let’s organize a video conference. 

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