Exocet ITA 4674 April 2019, winner of 2020 Foiling Week. Boat very well maintained and in pretty good condition, it has all latest Exocet upgrades if not for the fairing plate. 

Comes with:

-High wing bars with extra Maguire fitted reinforcement.

-New style aero fully moulded rudder gantry, aero wand

-ctech kinked boom (mainsheet position moved aft to suit DS sail

-FX2.1 and FX1.1 Main foil , small rudder with titanium bulb; extra large horizontal elevator. All with padded bags.

-2 rigs, 1D DS 2019 and 2021; ctech 3c mast 5100mm and CST 0.5 5000mm.

-mainsheet position moved aft to suit DS sails;

-adjustable tripod

-mast and boom covers, exocet and 1d boat covers;

-extra spare parts (tiller extension, 2 vertical pushrods, rudder pin and some more pins)

-harken fittings, Armare Ropes

-Boat breakers for rigging up forestay

I can sell the whole package (more convenient) or I can consider other options. 

PM me for more information.