Late 2015 Exocet – GBR 4309

North 3DL V7, carbon battens

Ctech 03b UHM Mast (really light mast)

Option for a 1 year old Lennon Decksweeper 3.5 and CST Decksweeper DS4 mast from my new boat

Adjustable forestay and adjustable prodder

Kinked boom & vang strut

1x Main foil

Small rudder  – new style with titanium bulb and removable horizontal

Exocet bowsprit (1yr old from my new boat)

Recent black tramps with kevlar wingbar protection since new

‘Always up’ toe straps

Wingbar reinforcements around bolted connections

Trolley and cover. Sail and boat measurement certificates.

Quick boat – 3rd at Europeans last year

Email pjgliddon at gmail dot com

Open to sensible offers