Regrettable sale as have too many other commitments. $50k AUD
In box and ready to freight from East Coast Australia

Best contact via email: jakelilleysailing@live.com.au

UPGRADES 2018 done by Maguire $20k to bring up to current spec exocet

· NEW high wingbars

· New hull paint job (white)

· NEW Aero gantry and new upgrade pushrod and bowsprit system

· New adjustable spreaders

· Re-enforced wings and sockets

· New tramps and grip on deck

· Lennon Low Aspect sail (light wind sail) used twice.

· Lennon decksweeper

· Moth tow pro mast BV1 (soft bottom section)

· Moth to pro TV1 (soft top section) hounds 1700mm from tip to suit lennon

· Mast Bag

· CST Rectangular boom kinked at 15 degrees

· Maguire tiller with tiller extension 

· Spare Maguire tiller 

· Maguire main vertical with cover

· Swift small horizontal with cover

· Maguire standard foil (light wind foil)

· Maguire titanium bulb rudder with cover

· Maguire small rudder horizontal with cover

· Rig boat breaker and Cunningham boat breaker 

· Sk75 side stays (left on wingbars) and wire forestay

· Boat cover

· Boat trolley

· Spare push rod assembly 

· Spare carbon battens 

· Padded tow straps

· Spare rear wing join assembly port and starboard, bolts nuts and washers for gantry attachments (all in small tube), bungs, Spare gearing adjuster tensioner

· Complete bowsprit assembly

· All new control lines