I am selling my homebuilt moth. It was built in 2017. The design of the boat is similar to the biker and therefore up to date and compatible with the current moth developments especially in terms of recent ds sails. There is included a decksfairing. (As you can see on the picture where I have tested a first generation north dsx 8. So you can get an idea of how the boat looks like with ds sail)

In comparison to the biker the rear wingbar is further backwards similar to the Exocet position so you will be able to run bigger ds panels. The boat also comes with High front wingbars and lower rear wingbar (washout effect). The square centreboard case can be fitted to any foil and is even wider to fit upcoming longer and thicker verticals. The position of the centreboard case is slightly further forward as the Mach 2 and the Maststump slightly further backwards. So the boat has the features of the latest moth designs and developments.

With a pair of foils the boat is ready to sail. For the asking price there is definitely no other boat on the market that is that competitive and up to date design wise.

Included will be the following:

Complete hull platform:

  • comes with fittings, bowsprit (Cam-system) and Gantry.
  • Trolley and cover will be included too.


  • V7 North sail
  • CST Elite 4 Mast
  • Spreader
  • Lanulfi boom currently running it without leaver but will be included


  • Mach 2.3 rudder
  • Mach 2.3 vertical, Lanulfi Gp horizontal

Asking price for the complete package 8000 €

(Located in the north of Germany)