Poor people „fake Bieker“ for sale

Selling my Moth GERXXX. The boat was built in 2017 but will have a 2020 number.  As visible on the pictures it was designed and built to fit a decksweeper sail (fairing included). The Wingbars do have a high angle (high front and lower rear bar) to get the washout effect. The position of the Centerboard Case is similar to a Mach2 (slightly further forward) and the position of the Maststump is slightly more backward to what other current designs are running (from what I have heard some Exocets have a modified Centerboard Case to achieve the same thing). The Centerboard Case is made in a square section so you can fit any foil you like. Unlike the Bieker the rear Wingbars are further backward (same position as the Exocet) so you can sail a decksweeper Sail that is as long as the prototype recently spottet on the fastest moth on this planet. With the price listet you would be still able to buy some nice gear and stay below the magig 20k aud mentioned in mothcast with almost no major modifications needed to be up to date design wise 😉The reason for selling this ship is, that I have built a newer upgraded version of the boat with a different wingbar setup. Price is 10.000 Euro ONO