AUS 3652 – “Iceman”

Built for 2010 Belmont Worlds by Dave Lister

Gear list:

  • Modified Gilmour “Alpha” hull built by Dave Lister in 2010. Lower freeboard, custom CST wingbars, centreboard further foward and custom adjustable “Lister Lever” gantry. When built, this boat was considered faster than the Mach2s at the time and was the first boat to reliably foil tack. It’s still a very light, very stiff hull although it could do with some cosmetic work to cover various repairs.
  • Brand new CST high modulus rear wingbar, sailed 3 times since fitting.
  • Adjustable wand, RHA and Gearing.
  • 6 month old Carbon cloth tramps (NextGen Sails)
  • New Avalon Toestraps
  • Fastacraft / Macita main foil, recently refurbished and refinished by John Ilett. Shown to be on pace in light/moderate conditions against fully kitted out and well sailed Mach2.6s.
  • Fastacraft / Lister rudder (has done 27.2 knots and is still a fast small foil but has been retired as a spare due to age)
  • Monstro / Mach2.0 rudder (longer and stiffer than the old rudder, cut down Mach2 horizontal is ex Josh McKnight)
  • Mach2 mast and straight boom.
  • Spreaders (functional but could do with replacement) with new stays
  • KA MSL16.31 main in club racing condition and MSL10c in very lightly used condition.
  • Covers (NextGen boat cover, Mach2 foil covers)
  • Trolley – functional, could do with some minor repairs.
  • Various spares.

I bought the boat originally from Dave as a 3 month old boat, sailed it at Belmont Worlds and then sold it in 2012 after coming 2nd on countback at WA state champs. I bought it back in 2020 as a step back into serious mothing as it was just such a good boat and I regretted selling it since. Now I’m going to regret selling it again as I’m upgrading to a newer boat.

Asking AUD$6500, open to offers.

Located Rockingham, Western Australia.

Shipping can be arranged at buyer cost.