Selling my Mid 2017 AtomikUK / Fluid composites built Voodoo design moth which has been converted to full Exocet running gear! – cheapest way to get the Exocet feeling. great upgrade from an earlier boat or a perfect entry into a competitive moth which forgives relatively many mistakes .

Even a rookie of my incompetence could place first half at UK nationals beating couple of recent Exocets and get first weekend regatta win and foil tacks on large and small foils.Boat is very strong and stiff, more reliable than a Mach2. Even solid in 30+ knots gusts.

The boat has most of modern features: Exocet bowsprit, Right Hight Adjuster, Gearing, Kinked Boom, DS sails and no compression struts. Full carbon pushrod system from Maguire Exocet and every single linkage and joint has been replaced. The control system runs smooth as butter with no play in any part of the system. A significant improvement over standard stainless pushrod system. All control geometry for the bowsprit etc is taken from an Exocet, making the boat incredibly easy to sail.


– 1x Exocet Main Vertical
– 1x Exocet Main Large Horizontal
– 1x Exocet Rear Vertical
– 1x Exocet Large Rear Horizontal

– C-Tech 03 5100mm mast
– North Vi9DsX with shorter DS section (not sailed much)
– Lennon A5m DS with multiple repairs but great for training and very solid.
– Shock Sailing 15 degree kinked boom

– Exocet Trolley adapted for Voodoo hull
– Covers for foils, sails, top and bottom for hull (!!!)
– spare tramps

– 1x Exocet Main Vertical
– 1x Exocet Main Small Horizontal
– 1x Voodoo Rear Vertical
– 1x Swift Rear Small Horizontal

12000 or 10.500 pounds

Price negotiable depending on what kit you want. Will also sell without many parts eg platform only, no rig, no Foils, complete set etc.

Location: Boat is located in Kiel, Germany. Takeover possible also at races in Germany. Cheers

Can send many more photo