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Mach2 tramp and mast

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For sale : – M2.0 wing cover set black used 100 euros – Mach2 wing cover set black (made by hyde) used but still good 120 euros – M2.0 wing cover set white good condition 175 euros – M2.0 wing cover set ...READ MORE

Wanted wing “tramps”

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Looking for second hand wing “tramps” for Bladerider, or any other which can fit on Bladerider, If you have some old ones you dont need , please send me an email with details and price.

2015 Mach 2.3 UK

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 (KA542) GBR4326 Lightly used, immaculate unmodified condition. Clear coat carbon hull, KA MSL16.5 sail – (2015 excellent condition), Hi modulus 40mm double hound mast, Hi modulus ex stiff tapered boom, 2.3 Front wing bars, 2.3 Verticals, 2.3 Front foil, Medium rear anhedral ...READ MORE


Bladerider FX – Perth AUS – $3K

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 Only $3000 AUD!!!

The boat comes complete with carbon fiber wings, mast, boom, tiller, foils and KA sail. The original tramps have been replaced with Avalon Sails’ version. The boat comes with a dolly.

The area in front of the mast has been repaired ...READ MORE

Mach 2 4291

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 Mach 2 Moth 4291 possibly one of the fastest Mach 2’s available in mint condition new aero tramps in white, wing bar controls, very simple and clean layout. Ka 16.3 Medium mast, gantry and cockpit aero fairings. Mach 2 travel box, Small ...READ MORE


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Mast 2 pieces, MOTH, 35 series, Hight Modulus Carbon (Elite 22 S) – Short (5.32m) Overall lenght. N.2 NEW available, on Lake of Garda, near Riva del Garda (TN). Price: 1134,6€/each vat included (net price 930€)



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 Bent Boom 15°, MOTH, Rectangular 80 series, Hight Modulus, included lever vang and mainsheet hangers. N.2 NEW available, on Lake of Garda, near Riva del Garda (TN). Price: 1213,9€/each, vat included (net price 995€)

MACH 2 AUS 4157

Number of Views: 205

 Included: – Boat, Spreader, foil covers – Mach 2.2 Bow mech – Mach 2.2 Ride Height Adj – Mach 2.2 Adjustable wand set up – 2.3 rudder vertical – 2.3 main foil vertical – Mach2 small horizontal foil – Mach2 Small anhedral ...READ MORE

Bladerider X8 – ready to go

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Blade rider X8, R11 carbon hull black and red paint, based in The Netherlands is collecting too much dust. The Bladerider is ready to sail. The X8 has been hardly used, less then 5 times, due too time constraints and other sailing ...READ MORE


3790 Mach 2

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 Ready to race Mach 2 Sail number 3790 Boat comes with- Blue 2.3 low drag tramps 1x Ka 16.3 red 1x Ka MSL 13 grey (still in good condition) 2.3 adjustable wand (also comes with the old fixed wand) Ride height adjuster ...READ MORE

Wanted Mach 2.0 Front Vertical Foil

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Looking for a Mach 2.0 Front Vertical foil if anyone has one they would like to sell. UK Only. Please email details with price.

lennon crossply A1x

Number of Views: 101

 lennon crossply A1x Its a very powerful sail with plenty of seam shape and luff curve complet with battens and cams £500 FREE POSTAGE within UK


Mach 2 Parts

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 Medium anhedral rudder horizontal – white durepox and faired – SOLD Medium flat rudder horizontal – unpainted – £450 15 degree kinked boom bracket to suit mach 2 – cut boom and glue on – £150 Pair of rear wing bars – ...READ MORE

Mach 2 4138 (4th at AUS Nats)

Number of Views: 311

 Hi everyody, I am selling my Mach 2. Comes with the following: 1x Mach 2 Medium mast 1x Ka sail 16.5 (only used a few weeks) 1x Small Anhedral foils 1x Small front foil ( with bent down fixed tips) 1x Long ...READ MORE

Mach 2 Small front foil wanted

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I’m looking for a small mach 2 main horizontal. Not interested in cut downs.

Email: ali dot kissane at


Mach 2 boom

Number of Views: 122

Mach 2 boom in perfect condition only £350. Will kink it for an extra £100 Call Simon on 07771890056

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