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mach2 wanted

Number of Views: 38

Looking for a mach2. I am based in garda lake italy, but can also consider offers of boats after the Sorrento World to ship.


Tacking GPS wing bar mounted bracket

Number of Views: 49

Brand new Maguire Boats tacking GPS wing bar mounted bracket, never used, all sensible offers considered

Lennon Membrane Sail, Custom design

Number of Views: 100

Used for less than 10 days, this is based on sail I used at the worlds but is the next stage on. Suits low stump ideally.

Won the inlands 2014



Foil covers (full set 4 pces)

Number of Views: 74

 Foil covers for front and rear foil, full set of 4 pieces.

Very good bond, little used.

Sold as a set only (no split sry).

Price : 250 eur

Location : Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Travel box (Mach2, Bladerider)

Number of Views: 142

 Travel box for Mach2 & Bladerider.

Good condition.

Price : 600 eur

Location : Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Trailer (Mach2, Bladerider)

Number of Views: 168

 Fully galvanised trailer for 2-3 Moth + 1 tender.

Very large lockable box, will accomodate all the gears.

Lockable tube for masts.

Driven about 200 miles, condition as new.

(suitable for 49ers as well)

Price : 2150 eur

Location : Lake Geneva, Switzerland


Mach 2 Boom Completly new 2011

Number of Views: 82

The boom is completly new. Never been on the boat

price 600euro

Location Geneva Switzerland

Mach 2 Boom Completly new 2009

Number of Views: 82

The boom is completly new. Never been on the boat

price 500euro

Location Geneva Switzerland

New Mach 2 Vertical Rudder Foils

Number of Views: 93

This is the STD Mach 2 Vertical Rudder Foils.

The vertical is completely new. i actually never sailed with it. i have it as spare in case anything happen.

The foils is half paint in White (picture will follow soon)

Price: 1’200euro (make me ...READ MORE


Mach2 spares for sale

Number of Views: 145

I have a brand new mach2 front wing bar for sale £190 and an original mach2.0 wand non adjustable £80. Located at Southampton and Stokes bay. Call 07817168849 or email

Velociraptor c/w Mach2 Foils

Number of Views: 543

 Velociraptor foiling moth sail no. 3918, built 2011. Mach2 foils. MSL10 & 13 sails. Boat and foil covers, trolley. New Red tramps in June 2014, new all stainless Mach2 type – bow mech august 2014, adjustable wand. Fast, competitive boat in good ...READ MORE

Looking for a rigg

Number of Views: 115


I’m looking for a modern rigg (Mast, boom, sail) for my converted Skippy. It can be older but working equipment. Now I’m using an older mast and sail working like all other sailboats and not like a surf-sail (sorry, don’t know the ...READ MORE


Mach 2 mast bottom section

Number of Views: 166

Looking for a Mach 2 mast. Just the bottom half if one happens to be available as snapped mine. If not will buy a full mast for a good deal. Rory Fitz

Mach2 GBR 4059

Number of Views: 1134

 Mach2 4059 For Sale. This boat was new in Aug 2013 and has been raced on the UK circuit and Worlds in 2014. Complete with full mach2.2 setup – latest ride height adjuster, gearing, aero tramps, continuous lines, adjustable wand. Rig includes ...READ MORE

Austrailian Imperium tunnel hull scow

Number of Views: 167

I have a scow for sale. I won the UK nationals (cadet) in Fishguard Wales back in 1973, tapered needlspar mast, John Iliff fully battened sail and 50 square foot storm sail. Its been in the garage since then. Anyone interested i ...READ MORE


Cut down Hungry Tiger – professionally converted

Number of Views: 320

I am selling my foiling moth, colour green hull for AUD 7900 It’s in top condition and includes Mach 2 horizontal foil, fastacraft vertical Fastacraft canting rudder (lenghtened), and CST helictical boom and 351 mast KA MSL 12 sail full (older) Sail ...READ MORE